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A) Design and Structural Analysis

Design: Design and 3D modelling, primarily facilitated by Catia V5 software.
Main activities: development and definition of product concepts, solid and surface 3D modelling, drawing and floor plan.
Structural Analysis: verification and structural definition activities supported by specialized softwares.
Main activities: definition and verification of parts’ structural architecture, stress analysis, static and dynamic calculations. Our technicians are qualified and recognized by Leonardo-Finmeccanica.


B) Industrialization

We industrialize the product with the objective to comply with all technical requirements required by our clients and maintain the highest quality standards.
Main activities: creation of work cycles and BOMs (bills of materials), production process optimization, MTM (methods time measurement).


A) Lamination

The lamination of composite material takes place in two clean rooms of 520 square meters, qualified by Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Boeing.

The Clean Rooms are equipped with Axist laser projectors, and have manual and automatic cutting areas equipped with a kit cutting bench from Zund.


B) Composites Curing

MANTA Group’s facility is equipped with an area with two autoclaves (2,2 x 4,5 m e 2,7 x 8,5 m), used for parts requiring polimerization with controlled temperature and pressure.

Both autoclaves use an Eurotherm electronic registration system, that ensures the segregation of the working cycle in an encrypted digital archive.


C) Honeycomb Core Milling

MANTA Group performs the cutting and milling of the honeycomb core, an important structural element of “sandwich” panels.

The dedicated area is equipped with N.3 semi-automatic milling machines.

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We perform trimming and contouring activities of laminated parts that are necessary to complete the shape of the finished product.

At MANTA Group we are able to perform the shaping and punctures of simple and complex surfaces. We work parts made of composite materials, plastic and wood in two dedicated areas:


  • No.1 automated trimming area with CNC machine Belotti 5-axis dimensions of 6500 x 2500 x 1300 cm;
  • No.1 manual trimming area that is 150 sq.m.


We are qualified by Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Boeing to perform non-destructive ultrasonic testing.
Depending on the parts’ size and complexity, we use different machines, from the Airone 4 axis machine with an ultrasound system Flaus 3, to the Omniscan two axis machine.

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MANTA Group has extensive years of experience within the aeronautical, automotive and industrial sector to paint and protect any type of surface and component.

To carry out these activities we use:


  • Two spray booths with a maximum operating temperature of 65 ° C, qualified by Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Boeing, sized 8.5 x 4.4 x 5.2 mt and 15.0 x 4.0 x 4, 0 mt;
  • A complex automated painting system, qualified by FPT Industrial, that consists of two anthropomorphic robots and a drying oven. This system is used to apply a protective corrosion treatment on engines for industrial vehicles.


The dimensional control of the parts is achieved through the use of a MMC arm. The tool allows us to inspect parts and complex curvatures with maximum accuracy and precision. It is also capable of issuing dimensional reports.

We also design and produce bonding tools and assembly gigs.

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We have a 3.500 mq area dedicated to the assembly of structural and non-structural components for both fixed and rotor wing programs.


MANTA Group is the only supplier in the world to assemble rudder, elevators and ailerons of the Boeing 767 and KC-46 Tanker.


All of our operators are certified and qualified. More than 70% of our assembly team has at least ten years experience in the industry.


  • We have highly qualified staff to perform preventive and predictive maintenance, rationalization of work stations and construction of industrial components;
  • We support our clients in the maintenance of industrial machines and systems, ensuring immediate response times and minimizing production stops;
  • We offer the design, construction and installation of systems and equipment, such as air extraction and dust abatement, conveyors, vibrating mills with ceramic coating, metal structures, benches and various tools, special packaging.
  • We have various welding systems, such as TIG, MIG and arc welding, that allow us to weld steel and aluminum alloys for the utilization of a wide range of industrial products such as: trusses and scaffolding, fluids piping, devices and equipments, bonding/assembly tools, special wear-resistant processes.

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Manta Group s.r.l. Zona ASI Località Incoronata, 71121 Foggia (FG) P. IVA 01524300710