MANTA Group’s primary objective is to be a centre of excellence where we are able to manufacture reliable and competitive products and offer services that guarantee our client’s satisfaction.


Our Quality Manual is both visionary and highly detailed, enabling us work towards our objective. The guide is also aligned with the International Quality Systems standards such as ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 9100: 2016 for the aerospace industry and ISO / TS 16949: 2016 for the automotive industry.


At MANTA Group, we engage and involve team members of all levels and programs in order to continuously improve the quality of o





UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems


UNI EN ISO 9100: 2016 Quality Management Systems Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations


UNI EN IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management Systems Requirements for Automotive industry




Honeycomb core milling qualification on ATR, 767 and 777


Personnel qualification for bonding of Boeing 787 fillers and strips


Bonding tools design and manufacturing qualification


Bonding of composite and metal materials qualification (Ref. DQP N. 7/014)


Digital Manufacturing qualification  (Doc. SCM&QA/RD/406/ 2012)


NDI (Coin Test) qualification (Ref, Doc. QS/161/2012)


Sealants application and painting of final parts qualification


Assembly and sealing of parts, sub-assy and final assys



Honeycomb core milling qualification (Rif.  BCA 9/13/9; PDD number 6-712) for 767 and 777 programs (final client)


Boeing 767 and Taker KC-46 assembly of structural components qualification


Painting of final parts on 767 and KC-46 Tanker programs


Clean room qualification for BAC 5578 for 787 program


Autoclave ISMAR qualification for D6-49327



Qualified as direct material supplier


Qualified as indirect material supplier


Qualified as direct material supplier (successfully passedQSA by FCA on composites materials production)

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