Manta Group – supplying excellence

Premio Alimni a Michele Frisoli

Alumni Award to our CEO, Michele Frisoli

IPE Business School’s Annual Report 2023 is online! 

Pages 22 – 23 feature an article by Giovanni Pontonio (MFA 2021) on the Award granted to Mr. Michele Frisoli on behalf of the Business School’s Alumni Association. 

Mr. Pontonio writes, “By virtue of his tenacity, [Mr. Frisoli] managed to relaunch Manta Group, a small business, into a leading company in the aerospace business, both nationally and internationally. Most impressive is that he did so in Capitanata, a region that both of us come from and which is very beautiful but also very complex. Thank you, Michele. I am delighted to have met you casually years ago, and I’m beyond proud of all you are doing for our territory.”

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