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Founded in 1984 in Brindisi with the activity of gas turbine overhaul and machining, Avioman is an engineering company that today produces structural mechanical components and assemblies mainly for rotary and fixed-wing aircrafts.

In 1999, it started the design, production, maintenance, overhaul and delivering of AGE equipment.

In 2006, the company strengthened its CAM programming skills, expanded its machine pool and focused on precision mechanics.

With a view to transparency, monitorability and growth aimed at supplying an increasingly complete and competitive product, Avioman placed process digitisation at the hearth of its development plans.


Leveraging decades of experience in precision mechanics, complementing them with the ability to innovate and entrepreneurial ambition in order to become the customer’s reference point, ensuring their success and fostering their leadership.


Becoming the COE of precision mechanics, synonymous of quality and reliability for end customers,per il cliente finale, posizionandoci positioning ourselves as a point of reference in Apulia and the South of Italy.


Our Expertise

Design & Industrialisation


3D modelling and design, for which we use Catia V5 software.
Main activities: product concept elaboration and definition, solid and surface 3D modelling, drawing and drafting.


We industrialise the product with the objective to comply with our customers’ technical
requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Main activities:
work cycles and bill of materials processing, production process optimisation.

Mechanical processing


We perform mechanical machining of small and medium-sized flight parts on 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers with a maximum size of 2.5 x 2.2 x 1.1 meters.


We perform mechanical turning machining of small and medium-sized parts on 3- and 6-axis lathes.

Cryogenic equipment

We design and maintain cryogenic equipment.

Mechanical Assembly

We carry out assemblies of subassys and small to medium-sized mechanical kits, e.g., helicopters’ pilot and passenger door locks.

Dimensional controls

We carry out dimensional checks of mechanical parts using measuring machines.


We manufacture and design small-sized aluminum bonding and trimming tools according to customer specifications and tolerances.

Our History

Avionman s.r.l. was founded with the start-up of SOLAR T-62T-32 gas turbine overhaul activities, and related mechanical machining for ALFA ROMEO AVIO


The Ministry of Defence gives Avioman the AQAP-4 NATO award for overhaul, repair and maintenance of aspirated and compressed reciprocating aircraft engines. Construction of special equipment for aircraft maintenance and repair shops as well as various parts and accessories for aircraft engines


Qualified as Elicotteri Meridionali (Agusta group) supplier, obtaining NATO AQAP-4 certificate for mechanical machining, overhaul and related processes


Intensification of the overhaul and repair of auxiliary gas turbines, hydraulic pumps and engines and AGE equipment for the Ministry of Defence and the Brindisi Naval Arsenal


Acquisition of FIAT AVIO supplier qualification for parts refurbishment (seals, blades, vanes, AP turbine protection rings) for engines T64, J79 and Turbo-Union RB199


Initiating the process of  know-how diversification with the design, production, maintenance and overhaul AGE equipment such as liquid oxygen samplers, mobile units and liquid oxygen tank reclamation trolleys


Started the production of lock kits for AgustaWestland helicopters (now Leonardo Helicopters Division) and in particular for AW109, AW169 and AW189 programs.


Qualification as a supplier for Alenia Aermacchi, for machining parts of the M346 program


Obtained qualification for Salver with start of production of most of Bombardier's C-Series Inboard and Outboard Flap machined parts


Start of manufacturing process digitalization and new investment plan


Expansion of portfolio with acquisition of new orders for rotary wing machined parts


The Companies

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