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cena di natale 2023 mantagroup

Manta Group: Christmas dinner 2023

Yesterday night, December 16th, we had Manta Group’s Christmas Party in the wonderful Masseria Pietrafitta. We went through our 2023, a year during which we had to overcome several challenges, also taking some pride, but we especially talked about the future.

“We have three challenges to overcome: be more and more result oriented, be more and more team, put constantly ourselves under discussion to improve every day”.
Michele Frisoli

“I am certain that we are ready to face new challenges, since they’ve always been our
biggest stimulus. And we have to overcome them with results and people well being”.

Antonio Lafaenza

Our Christmas Party gave us the opportunity to celebrate those people that gave a lot to Manta Group, contributing to make tomorrow’s company. Our congratulations to all those protagonists that reached important targets in Manta Group: Maria for her first 20 years of Manta Group! Giuseppe and Marco, for their first 10 years of Manta Group!

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