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Participation to the distric seminar “ROTARY ANDNEW GENERATIONS” of our CEO Michele Frisoli

I want to thank Rotary International, district 2120, for the invitation to the district seminar “ROTARY AND NEW GENERATIONS” held yesterday in Taranto, at the Offical Circle of Marina Militare Italiana.

As a representative of a young company like Manta Group, I particularly care about the theme of the seminar, and I found lots of inspiration in the words of experts that looked at such a theme from different points of view, like the one of Mr. Francesco Paolo Romeo, that brilliantly illustrated new young generations and their needs today, Mr. Antonio B. Braia, that communicated passion and stimulus to “move things”, the governor Nicola Maria Auciello, that pronounced far-sighted words on culture and evolution, and the deep reflections stimulated by all speakers.

We have 2 Italies: one is the Italy of complaint, of low birth rate, of surrender and subsidy, the other one is the Italy of doing, of industriouness, pride and excellence. We have to choose the Italy we want to be part of.

My personal invite to young professionals is always the same:

1) learn to lose, looking into defeats moments of learning: losing is acceptable but it is not acceptable to stop trying;

2) it is NEVER someone else’s fault: we have to be able to win with humility and lose without excuses;

3) Love your job like you love your spouse. Love doesn’t show itself in 6 months of passion but in 50 years of daily care. At work is the same: you love your job when you do your best every day, every hour, every minute, and when you do it while nobody is watching you.

And finally, remember that you have to have fun while making things happen. And in this you have a lot to teach.

Best of luck to all the young people from Rotaract and to all the guys that want to make the difference and want to fight giving their best, to become the pride of the Italy of excellences!

Michele Frisoli – CEO of Mantagroup

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